There I was, nestled comfortably in my recliner, the gentle hum of the TV a background to my evening of word search puzzles. It was a moment of relaxation. Suddenly, a jarring sound shattered the tranquility, and I jumped. My phone blared its warning: “Tornadic Circulation Indicated by Radar for Your Location.”

My heart lurched. Tornadoes are rare in my area, but the increasing frequency has planted a seed of unease in recent years. In that initial moment, a primal instinct took hold. I opened the door, a crack, adrenaline pushing aside the voice of reason. But then, the knowledge I’d gleaned from past warnings kicked in. Opening the door during a tornado was a recipe for disaster. Shamefaced, I shut it tight.

With my nervous dog in tow (who, much to her dismay, thought bath time was imminent!), I retreated to the safety of the bathroom. Here, amidst the cool tile, I sought refuge. The first thing I did? I talked to Jesus. Fear threatened to engulf me, but prayer became my anchor. I clung to Jesus, finding solace in knowing I wasn’t alone.

Minutes stretched into what felt like a long time as I tracked the radar on my phone, my heart pounding with every update. Even when the wind subsided, we stayed in the bathroom until the warning officially expired. Thankfully, the storm bypassed, leaving only an average reminder of its presence in our neighborhood.

Emerging from our makeshift shelter, I was overwhelmed with gratitude. I was grateful for the alert system that nudged me out of complacency, for the knowledge that steered me away from danger, and, most importantly, for the unwavering faith that held my hand through the storm, both literal and emotional.

This experience served as a powerful reminder that we are not invincible. Even the most mundane moments can test our preparedness and presence of mind. We can’t face hazardous weather without a healthy dose of respect and awareness.

In this context, mindfulness means paying attention to warnings, following safety protocols, and seeking shelter when necessary. It’s a humbling realization, a reminder to shed the “too big for our britches” mentality and embrace the wisdom that comes with preparation and a little faith.

So, the next time you settle in for a relaxing evening, take a moment to familiarize yourself with your local weather warning systems. Prepare a designated safe space in your home. And most importantly, remember that even in the midst of the most terrifying storm, there is always a source of strength and comfort to be found with Jesus as your anchor, whether in the unwavering presence of faith or the simple act of mindful action.

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  1. Scary! I’m glad you were safe and God guided you as to what to do. We have had tornado watches, but no warnings and none touching down near us. But we’ve staked out the safest place to stay if it ever does happen. I’m glad we have the confidence that God has us in His hands through everything.

  2. Wow, Paula, that sounds like a scary experience. Glad the tornado passed you by and you are safe.
    Loved “even in the midst of the most terrifying storm, there is always a source of strength and comfort to be found with Jesus as your anchor.”
    P.S. Thanks for visiting my blog and for buying a copy of my book. I hope it blesses you, and if it does, that you will leave a review.

  3. strengthwithdignity

    It has been a busy season for tornado warnings this year, hasn’t it? Finding peace in the midst of the storms is key to overcoming fear and anxiety. I’m thankful the Prince of Peace is ever near!

  4. stickymudandbellylaughs

    Wow, that really does sound scary Paula! I’m so glad to hear that you and your little fur baby remained safe.

  5. Tornado warning have become a little more common these days in many areas. I am glad you knew what to do, Paula, and that you were safe. May the Lord always fill you with His peace in every storm.

  6. Tornado warnings are so scary! I guess I’m grateful my phone goes off since we live in a rural area and we don’t have tornado sirens.

    1. I was quite startled when my phone went off. We don’t have sirens in my area either.

  7. I’m sorry you had to experience this Paula, but I appreciate your retelling of it. We are quite familiar with tornado warnings here in Alabama, and while we can sometimes approach them with the mentality of “they’re crying wolf again”, they should never be taken lightly. Being mindful of our surroundings and preparedness is important! I’m glad you took it seriously and stayed safe.

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