I\’m linking up with friends for Share Four Somethings January 2023 over @ Jennifer\’s place, Overflowing With Thankfulness; each month, we share something we LovedReadLearned, and Ate

Something Loved

Love my BFFiC— Best Friend in Christ, Kim. We\’ve known each other for nine years and have been Best Friends in Christ for seven.

I\’m divorced, and my kids are grown. I\’ve been on my own for many years now. I\’ve been searching for home. Ever since that first day, she and her husband have warmly welcomed me into their family. We talk about Jesus, craft, spend holidays, and do a lot of other things together. 

Most recently, my New Year started off crappy when I was in the hospital on January 2,3 &4. I ended up having to have a heart catheterization done (I\’m okay, all\’s fine now; I\’ll tell you all more about that later). Anyhow, it\’s been some time since anyone was there, present, and showed up for me— Selflessly and Unconditionally. 

Something Read

I love Reading everyone\’s blog posts, but my heart was so profoundly touched, moved, stirred, and affected by these posts I Read this month. They include—  Who We\’re They by Pam EcrementBe Your Own Style Of Grandparent by Barbara Lee HarperOn Grandparenthood by Susan ShipeWhy it\’s Important to Know the Difference Between Grief vs. Mourn by Anita Ojeda

I also reviewed The NET TEXT Bible. It\’s Made with students, young adults, and new believers in mind. It introduces the new and memorable TEXT study method—Talk to God; Encounter God and humanity in Scripture; eXamine your heart; Talk to others—to help readers of every experience level interact with God\’s message. You can Read my review HERE.

Something Learned

I got a Cricut machine and am still Learning how to use it. So far, I\’ve only Learned how to make single-colored words and pictures. 

Something Ate

My friend Kim made Pasties (say the \”a\” like in the word bad) a few days ago. It\’s a British baked pastry, and It\’s made by placing an uncooked filling, typically meat and vegetables, on one half of a flat shortcrust pastry circle, folding the pastry in half to wrap the filling in a semicircle and crimping the curved edge to form a seal before baking. Oh my, it was Ohhh Soo good. I Ate my food all gone.

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  1. Seems like January was a full month! I am so glad you have a dear friend who also showed up for you when you needed her this month! Stay well!

  2. Love your shares. Have a blessed week! 🙂

  3. Thanks so much for thre mention! What a treasure you have in your friend, Kim. I’m sorry for all the medical trouble and hope you’re on the mend now.

    I have a Cricut that I use for making cards for the family. I know the basics of how to look up and image and cut it, but it does so much more than I know how to do. I need to spend an afternoon with it and some YouTube tutorials.

    I have recipes for meat pasties but have not made them yet. I have never had one, but they look so good!

    1. You’re welcome Barbara, your post just touched me so. I’m going to have to look up some YouTube videos too.

  4. What a sweet blessing to have a friend like Kim. A friend who shows up…and brings tasty treats, too! I’m glad that you are feeling better. Here’s to a healthy new month ahead. And to more pasties:)

  5. I’m sad to hear that January started off rough, but so glad that what needed to be caught and taken care of medically was done and you are doing well. Rejoicing with you in a dear friend from the Lord! Sounds adventurous – new Bible, new cricut machine, and new pasties. SFS #14

  6. Glad you are recovered from the beginning of the month! Yay for friends and them making yummy treats. Friends like that are a true blessing.

  7. Paula, having friends like your Kim make life so much richer! I’m so glad you have her. I’m sorry you had a heart scare, but I’m so glad you’re okay. Your “Something Ate” sounds so delicious!

  8. Sounds like you and Kim have a great friendship. Have fun with your new Cricut!

  9. I’m so sorry for your heart trouble, Paula … I’m glad the procedure went well and that you are feeling better. And especially that Kim was there for you. I read every single one of those blog posts you mentioned and I totally agree … they were all wonderful (and I’m not even a grandparent yet)! I hope February is starting off better for you!

  10. I know I commented on this earlier as I recall mentioning Kim and your Cricut…Anyway, visiting again to say thanks so much for linking up at the Unlimited Link Party 99. Shared.

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