\” For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also\”

Matthew 6:21 NIV

Do you ever stop to consider where you keep your treasures? Treasures are often linked with our hearts. What is our heart longing for? Often treasures stored in our hearts may include money, physical possessions, idols, people, success, collections, just to name a few. 

Sometimes the treasures we store in our hearts and of this world can set us back from seeking God\’s truth and his eternal treasures. 

Jesus makes it clear that having the wrong treasures leads to our hearts being in the wrong place. Sometimes our treasures can control us. If we come to realize possessions or money become too important to us, we must realign, refocus, and get rid of things so that we may re-establish and renew our connection with Jesus.

6 Ways to store up treasures in heaven

  1. Transformation of our hearts. God tells us that our hearts are deceitful. ( Jeremiah 17:9) 
  2. Draw near to God. Dig into his word daily. Seek his kingdom and develop a relationship with him
  3. Seek the treasures of his kingdom, everlasting, treasures that will not perish. God tells us to set our minds on things above. (Colossians 3:2)
  4. Desire to follow Jesus
  5. Trust God\’s promises
  6. Have a servants heart

Take away

Jesus calls for a decision that allows us to live contentedly with whatever we have 

Photo by Thomas Despeyroux on Unsplash

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