Happy Friday Friends! Wishing you a wonderful weekend! 

So I found Milo’s half & half iced tea. Milo’s is a Sothern woman owned company. I like any half & half iced tea. A friend of mine from the South turned me onto Milo’s regular tea. Wal-Mart here sells the regular tea in a gallon but not the half & half, then I saw Dollar General had single’s of the half & half. So I got a few, it’s really refreshing.
One night someone was setting off post 4th of July fireworks and she wasn’t happy about it. I call her my cat, because she only snuggles on her terms.
This sunset.
These clouds.

3:00 AM I was woken up by my eyeball being licked. Someone wants to play.
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  1. Your 'cat' looks like a wonderful companion.
    Those sky views are lovely–nature always brings a smile.
    I've never heard of Milo's but then I'm not from the south. I'll have to look in the stores and see if it is sold here.
    Happy weekend to you!

  2. She is a wonderful companion. Nature brings a smile to me too, and warms my heart. I noticed Milo's tea in the gallons at Walmart here in Western Pa, But I can only find the half & half at Dollar General here. Happy weekend to you too.

  3. I used to drink Milo's because they were the only ready-made tea I could find that had decaf without lemon. I'm not a fan of lemon in tea. But now I have started using Stevia and making it myself. It's nice you could find the kind you like in that size.

    Those cloud pictures are gorgeous! Your companion looks nice and cuddly.

  4. I've used Stevia when making homemade tea too. Yes, my companion was nice and cozy. I call her my cat because she only snuggles on her terms. Lol.

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