Okay, so I have to tell you friends that I am NOT a serious crafter. However, I do have to tell you that the mood does hit me several times a year. And when it does I have to jump on it. I keep supplies on hand for when the mood hits.

So this is the very first ribbon wreath I ever made. I purchased the ribbon from Sams Club. The wire wreath frame and flowers came from Dollar Tree

Okay, confession time. I’m obsessed with Pinterest. LOL! 😉

So I came across clothespin wreaths. So many cute ones! I was hooked. I purchased the Wire wreath frame, Clothes pins, and flowers from Dollar Tree and the Matte paint from Wal-Mart. I have to say I was feeling more confident with making this wreath and how it turned out than I was with the ribbon wreath.

This is the one I chose to make and keep for myself. Butterflies are my favorite (Okay Cows too)🐄🐮. I purchased the wire wreath frame, flowers, and butterfly from Dollar Tree and the matte paint from Wal-Mart. I used acrylic paint markers to make the dots.  The dots are kind of growing on me.

And this. 😕 I do have to say I like ribbon wreaths. However, I was NOT a fan of working with the poly burlap deco mesh that I had in it. Now, these supplies are from my best friend’s supply. The ribbon was purchased from Sams Club. The poly burlap deco mesh was purchased from Joann’s. And the wire wreath frame, mesh cord, and “fireworks” (cut off from balloon holders) from Dollar Tree.

😲 I almost forgot to tell you I used 14′ wire wreath frames. Each clothes pin wreath used 78 clothes pins. 13 in each of the 6 sections on the wreath. If you are using two colors for your clothes pin wreath paint 39 of each color. After drying, clip clothes pins on the wreath frame alternating between the middle two and bottom two wires.

So dear friend’s I will share my adventures in crafting as my mood hits. It might be scant, but there’s a glimmer. 😊
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