Self-doubt creeps its ugly head into ours sometimes when we least expect it. That\’s why we should be ready for when it does. 

I’ve been having some self-doubt for the past several weeks. It came on suddenly, then it stuck.  Satan thought he was going to get self-doubt in, by inserting a recall from just way too long ago. From times when I thought I had to be a people pleaser, and how anxious I got when others in my life thought I wasn’t good enough, pointed out my failures, and my wrongs. Only a few people made me feel that way, and I haven’t thought of them in many years. 

Friends, if you\’re feeling self-doubt right now. Please remember Jesus came to save sinners both you and I alike, he came to bring us home. Throughout Scripture, we see how he used unlikely people just like you and I to carry out his good works.

In the Book of Mark, he tells us; That while Jesus was having dinner at Matthew’s (Levi) house, he ate with sinners and tax collectors. The Pharisees asked why he ate with such as those. Jesus heard them and said “Is it not the healthy that need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous but the sinners.” 

When my self doubt occurred, I remembered Paul talking to the Galatians. He had to be outspoken to them, he could not serve Christ faithfully if he allowed them to go down the wrong way. He had to get them back on track from following and being led into confusion from others who “added” to the Gospel.

You see, when Satan creeps self doubt in, we too can become confused and go the wrong ways as the Galatians were beginning to. I can not serve Christ faithfully if I let self doubt in and take over, neither can you. 

Do you spend your life trying to please everyone? Whose approval do you seek, others or God’s?

Dear Jesus,

I pray for those of us who

Are in a season  

Of self doubt, or trying to 

Please others. I pray that those 

Facing self doubt to boldly

Step out in faith. And seek

Only your approval above

Anyone else\’s.

In Jesus name


Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash

Originally published September 9, 2020

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