I used to be guilty of misconceived perceptions, but as I age not so much. When the misconception of perception rears its ugly little head, I am quick to put it in to check.

I used to be someone who would wonder and believe someone else\’s life was better than mine even if I did not know them.

Obviously if I didn\’t know them I did not have any facts to base my perception on. I would wonder about the kind nurse at the doctors office who had obviously taken time on her hairstyle, makeup, and jewelry choices. Did she have a better life than me? Someone to love her? Maybe she didn\’t have any chronic illnesses like me? Maybe she traveled?

Alternatively, my sweet doctor, who had just had a baby, and she and her husband had just built a new house. Someone loved her. They must have their finances in order to be able to build a new house right? Maybe they never argued? Maybe she has a nice car? Maybe she never experienced depression?

Surely the cashier at the pharmacy never faced severe anxiety? Surely that young couple I saw looking so in love would get married someday right? Surely that elderly couple holding hands never had to face hardships or had ever though of much less ever went through divorce?

A Mistaken Thought

Our minds can weave any thought we want. I didn\’t have facts to base any of my perceptions on. My mistaken thoughts were just that. My ideas or notions that someone else\’s life is better than mine is a wrong belief, a wrong idea. I was making assumptions. Once a perception is fastened in our subconscious if can become our reality.

What I\’ve Done To Cultivate Healthy Perceptions

  1. Practice changing the way I LOOK at things, people and the world around me.
  2. Practice changing the way I THINK about situations, people and the world around me.
  3. Be aware and practice mindfulness when it comes to my own values, beliefs, and morals.
  4. Watching out about stereotyping, it can lead to false perceptions on my part.
  5. Stop! Pause! Okay, now evaluate my perception. THINK things are not always as they appear, or more accurately things are not always accurate as I concocted in my heads.
  6. Remembering WHO I am.

Moreover, The Most Important way I\’ve Learned Is Remembering Who I am In Christ

There is a difference between positive affirmations and Biblical affirmations. Positive affirmations come from our perspective. Biblical affirmations come from God and are written in his Word . These are not my perceptions, these are facts.

  1. I am Loved ( Colossians 3:12 )
  2. I am Forgiven ( Ephesians 1:7 )
  3. I am chosen ( 1 Peter 1:9 )
  4. I am not condemned ( Romans 8:1 )
  5. I am God\’s workmanship ( Ephesians 2:10 )
  6. I have direct access to God ( Ephesians 2:18 )
  7. I have been adopted as Gods  child ( Ephesians 1:5 )
  8. I am fearfully and wonderfully made ( Psalm 139: 14)
  9. I am worth more than rubies ( Proverbs 31:10 )
  10. I am worth more than many sparrows ( Matthew 10:31)
  11. I am clothed in strength and dignity ( Proverbs 31: 25)

Photo by Derek Mack on Unsplash

*This post was originally published on February 23, 2021 for the #Write28days Challenge

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