What’s your preferred reading medium? Traditional paperback and or hardback books or an electronic device like your phone, tablet, kindle, nook, etc.?

I’m a reader, and I prefer reading over television. I do watch TV, but not much of it.

I grew up reading books in the traditional style of paperback or hardback. Until digital mediums of reading became popular.

I then began reading on my tablet or kindle. Wow! What a difference. I could download books at the touch of a button and borrow e-books from my local library. When I discovered night mode, I could make the fonts bigger for my reading and eye comfort, enhancing my reading experience.

I have to tell you; lately, I began preferring to read paperbacks again. Yes, I still read some digital e-books. However, for me, there’s just something about holding a book in my hand, and I like to highlight important passages.

Sure I can highlight passages on the digital mediums. However, it is difficult for me to find those passages that stood out to me for reference. I can see those stand-out passages more easily in paperback books.

I guess what started this change for me is that I take part in several blogger book review programs. Some programs utilize e-books, while others give a choice between the e-book or paperback.

When I began choosing some paperbacks to read, it seemed as though my love and enjoyment of reading by traditional means [paperback] once again are becoming my preferred choice.

What medium do you like to read books? Traditional, digital, or both?

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