Let’s face it, life throws discomfort our way. We huddle under a blasting AC while simultaneously yearning for a cool breeze. Summer sun turns our living rooms into saunas, and winter wind chills us to the bone. It’s easy to get caught in a cycle of complaining – “It’s too hot!” or “My nose is numb!” Yet, amidst the grumbling, a tiny voice whispers a truth we often forget: God is still good.

This internal battle recently played out in my own life. Disappointment bubbles up every afternoon and evening as the western sun beats down on my living room, bringing the inside temperature to 79° to 83° despite having AC and a numb nose. Then, in the winter outside, I’m like, “My bones hurt.”

Here I was, complaining about a beautiful apartment I loved, nestled in a world brimming with God’s creation. Guilt pricks at my conscience. That’s when I made a simple prayer, asking Jesus to help me catch my complaints and replace them with thanks.

And wouldn’t you know it, He answered! It’s just like him. I just had to stop and listen for his whisper. Whenever I find myself grumbling about the weather, a gentle nudge reminds me to shift my focus. Rain becomes a life-giving gift, nourishing the parched earth and cleansing the air. Snow is a peaceful blanket muffling noise that reminds us of God’s ability to bring quiet even amidst chaos. This practice of gratefulness isn’t about ignoring discomfort; it’s about acknowledging God’s presence and faithfulness even when things aren’t perfect.

Here’s the beautiful part: God doesn’t expect us to be perfect. He welcomes our complaints, frustrations, and human desire for comfort. He simply wants us to seek Him, to come to Him first. In that space of vulnerability, He reminds us of His goodness, a constant that transcends the temporary inconveniences of life.

I felt like the Israelites in the desert. Faced with hunger, thirst, and scorching heat, they grumbled against God and Moses. Yet, amidst their complaints, God miraculously provided for them—manna from heaven and water from a rock. While their situation wasn’t ideal, God’s faithfulness never wavered [Exodus 16, 17].

Our lives may not be as dramatic as the Israelites’ exodus, but the principle remains the same. God’s goodness is woven into the fabric of our existence, even when we’re facing challenges. By intentionally cultivating gratitude, we open ourselves to a deeper appreciation for His blessings, big and small.

So, the next time you find yourself grumbling about the weather, a minor inconvenience, or even a major hardship, take a deep breath and thank God for the beauty of creation, His constant presence, and the unwavering love He showers upon us.

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  1. Paula, your reflection really struck a chord with me. It’s easy to complain about the weather or minor inconveniences, forgetting to see God’s goodness in everything around us. Your reminder to shift from grumbling to gratitude is timely and encouraging. Thank you for sharing such a powerful message about embracing thankfulness, even when faced with challenges.

    1. Your so welcome Veronica. I’ve become more intentional about replacing a complaint with a thanks.

  2. Paula, this is so timely for me because whining and seeing the glass half empty is sadly my default mode. I’ve learned that I have to be purposeful in being grateful, in seeing God’s hand at work, in counting my blessings. Life is more peaceful and joyful when the Spirit prompts us to go there. Thanks for your reflection today. It turns out that I ended up writing about something similar. I love when God does that.

    Stay cool, girl!

    1. I love when God does that too. It’s just like him. I’m trying to stay cool. Hoping you are staying cool as well.

  3. I try so hard not to complain but sometimes it’s so much harder to catch myself (usually when I’m hiking and start getting tired and sweaty!). But it is something I’ve been consciously working on for years.

    1. I’m the same way Joanne

  4. Paula, this is such a good reminder. Having a thankful heart changes our experience.

  5. Thank you, Paula, for this timely reminder. I just found myself complaining and feeling very “UN” grateful today. We have so much for which to be thankful. God’s goodness is everywhere!

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