Encouragement for Single Christian Women in All Stages of Life

Being a single Christian woman can be a beautiful and multifaceted experience. It offers a unique opportunity to cultivate a deep relationship with God, explore your passions, and build a fulfilling life. Yet, societal pressures and loneliness can sometimes cloud the joy of this journey.

The Bible showcases numerous remarkable women who demonstrated unwavering faith and commitment to God, regardless of marital status. Whether it’s the wisdom of Deborah, the steadfast faith of Priscilla, or the courage of Esther, these stories remind us that singleness does not diminish one’s worth or calling in the eyes of God. Each woman’s journey is a powerful reminder that our value and purpose come from our relationship with God, not our relationship status.

Dear sister, I just want to remind you that your value and worth are not determined by whether you are in a relationship or not. God has an incredible plan for your life, and it doesn’t depend on whether you are married or single. You are important and cherished just as you are, and your worth goes far beyond your relationship status. Keep faith in God’s plan for you, and remember that you are loved and valued no matter what.

Singleness allows you to

  • Focus on your spiritual growth: Immerse yourself in scripture, prayer, and fellowship.
  • Develop your passions: Pursue hobbies, talents, and educational goals unhinderedly.
  • Build strong relationships: Invest in family, friendships, mentorship, and service within your church community.
  • Embrace independence: Learn self-reliance, build confidence, and discover your inner strength.

You are a cherished daughter of God, fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14). Your singleness doesn’t diminish your value; it empowers you to live out your calling in a unique way. Trust that God has a purpose for you right here, right now. Embrace this season, bloom where you’re planted, and know that your singleness is an opportunity for extraordinary growth and impact.

I’ve been divorced for a while now, and I have tried dating but I find that as time goes on, I just really like it being me and Jesus. Reflecting on this season, I’m considering ways to strengthen my connection with God. I’m also exploring the unique gifts and talents God has placed within me.

Additionally, I’m contemplating the people in my life who may benefit from my love and support. Lastly, I’m seeking ways to enhance my comfort and confidence in being independent. I’m not lonely by any means; I visit and have coffee with friends several times a week, and my beagle, Little Girl, is my companion.

Reflection Questions

  1. How can I deepen my relationship with God during this season?
  2. What gifts and talents has God placed within me, waiting to be explored?
  3. Who in my life needs my love and support?
  4. How can I become more comfortable and confident being on my own?


Embrace your singleness as a gift! Use this time to discover who you are in Christ and the incredible things He has called you to do. Your singleness is not a waiting room for marriage; it’s a vibrant season of growth, purpose, and joy.

Remember, God is always with you. He sees your tears, celebrates your victories, and holds the future in His perfect hands. Trust in His timing and purpose, and keep blooming where you’re planted! That’s just what I’m doing in the fall of my life; I enjoy quiet and solitude.

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  1. Paula, this is so, so beautiful, and so, so important. I heard a 40-something single woman speak recently of how being single has emphasized even more her relationship to Christ. He’s the one she turns to. I think we all have problems and struggles in life–it’s just that mine look different than everyone else’s, and so do yours. How thankful I am to know that Jesus understands mine when nobody else does. Thanks for sharing this. Visiting from the Crazy Little Love Birds link party.

    1. You are so right here Jen.

  2. Hi, Paula. God is always good. Thank you for sharing.
    Take care and best wishes.

  3. Such an encouraging post for single women!

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