So I love Fall ALMOST as much as I love summer. 
—So, I had a neurologist appointment last week. I go every 6 months for a check-up regarding my “complicated” migraines and trigeminal neuralgia. You sure did read that right; complicated migraines are a rare type, and while many migraine sufferers get auras, I get stroke symptoms. The whole sha-bang facial droop, slurred speech, chest pain, and numbness in a limb (pick one). So I know when I get these symptoms, a migraine is on it’s way. These symptoms don’t last, and I’m not having a stroke. So far, no research has been done on complicated migraines, so treatment is “let’s see if this works” type of thing. I have migraines several times a week, sometimes lasting as long as 31 hours at a pop. It’s quite maddening and can play a part with daily activities or me having to have to cancel plans with you.

—So, I forgot to show you guys this picture my friend’s husband took with his phone in September of the harvest moon. Neat right?

— So, you know how I say that I’m a not-so-serious crafter? Well, I haven’t been most of my adult life; I could take it or leave it. But definitely not woo-hoo crafts. You know I help my friend with her wreaths and that I’ve made a few myself. Vendor shows and festivals are okay. Anyhow, I love Pinterest and was browsing one day. I saw several crafts (not wreaths) that caught my eye. So I decided to try to try a few of my own. Well, let me tell you, friends. I felt so much JOY making these. I felt relaxed, peaceful, and JOY! Knowing how I am with crafts, this really surprised me. The only feeling I can describe is JOY. So, I talked to Jesus about it. And I continue to feel JOY! So I think I’m going to continue to make some crafts and not so much with wreaths, although I’m not discounting them.

— This was the first one I made.

—Then these

— And, of course, I had to try a buffalo print hanging sign.

Visiting today with friends for Friday’s fave Fives over at Susanna’s place at Living To Tell The Story won’t you come join us?

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  1. Oh, I am SOOOOO NOT CRAFTY but i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Your autumn hanging thing (i don't knowwhat they're called but i would pay money for one!!). I love shopping at places like Home Goods or Michael's for this kind of thing. Praise God you found something that brings you joy. I used to craft cards (for me, that used to bring joy AND angst…ahahahha) so maybe I'll try my hand at that again come winter.

    I've had an almost daily headache with congestion since last April. After many ENT visits, they concluded allergies to grasses!!! first time in my life. BUT…..the ENT also called it a sinus migrane. So far haven't found a med that really helps. My primary doc said if these continue into winter, she's sending me to a neurologist. I have NO other symptoms of a migraine. I will pray you find relief!

  2. I'm not a big crafter, but it sure is fun to pull out the glue gun now and then. Your decorative hangers turned out really cute. We had a beagle when I was growing up, and I still have a soft spot for them. They are such happy pups!

  3. I wouldn't say I'm 'crafty' but I am a fiber artist, doing all kinds of things fiber related. Your decorations are so cute!
    Those 'complicated' migraines sound scary. I do hope that they find help for you. (I just started getting occasional optic migraines, nothing like what you are having to suffer)
    Have a wonderful autumnal weekend!

  4. How scary those migraines sound! My son had migraines almost daily after he first got married (though not complicated like yours). We think his were caused by mold or something in the old house they were renting. They slowly faded after they moved out.

    I love crafts, though I have never tried to sell any. I thought about it years ago when we lived in a town with a huge annual craft fair, but never did.

  5. Huh, a sinus migraine. I never heard of that but it sure does make sense. I'll surely be praying for you, these are horrible. This was my first time trying my hand at different types of crafts. The hangy one was my very first. After I get some more crafts made I will be making a Facebook group and will be selling my items and will ship. I so love to see a make people smile.

  6. Thank you Karen. Beagles certainly are sweet.

  7. Hummm. Fiber artistry, sounds really interesting. Yes my migraines are scary at times and can be debilitating.

  8. Oh it's great to hear your son's migraines left once they moved. They can sure be debilitating. Do you still make crafts?

  9. Your crafting is lovely and so glad it brings you joy. I have to be in the mood for doing anything remotely crafty. Sorry to hear about your migraines. I suffered a lot with migraines in my teens and during my pregnancies but now I only get them occasionally and they are preceded by auras and usually just a bad headache which is managaeable.

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