Not so serious crafter here again. I’ve discovered the world of clothespin wreaths. And again I have to say. CLOTHES PINS WHO KNEW.
A few friends had asked me about the steps to make one. So I’m going to share them here.
Things You Will Need

You will need a 14-inch wire wreath frame, 78 clothes pins— 13 for each of the 6 sections on the frame. Choose the color paint that you favor and any sign or flowers you may want to decorate with.
Time To Paint
I clip the clothes pins to cardboard strips for easier handling.

Paint all sides except the back as it will be either hung on the wall or on the door.
Paint the bottom

Paint the insides and sides
I used paint markers to make the dots. But you can use the end of a paintbrush and dip it in the paint and dab dots on that way too.

After your clothes pins are done drying alternate them by clipping them onto the middle two and bottom two wires of the frame.

Now choose the pretties you want to decorate your wreath with
Notes: I purchased the wire wreath frame, flowers, and the frog from Dollar Tree, The paint and clothes pins came from Wal-Mart and I purchased the paint markers from Amazon.
Happy Wreath Making Friends!

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  1. super cute idea!

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