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One Word April Installment— Intentional Pastimes

It\’s that time again as I join the One Word Community monthly link-up hosted by Lisa @ Lisa Notes. Won\’t you join me there to read what others and myself are learning or crafting with our one-word 2022?

Lisa provides many activities and prompts for us to explore our words more. Here are a few of those.

Write your word in another language

Greek: εκ προθέσεως
Slovak: zámerný
Russian: намеренный [namerennyy]
Swahili: kukusudia
Madagascar (Malagasy): iniana
Hebrew: מְכוּוָן
Icelandic: Vísvitandi

Who in the Bible represents your word

God: He is Intentional at its core.

Ways you can Live your life: Intentional

— Stop comparing myself to others
— Learn from others
— Show myself grace and compassion
— Declutter my belongings and intrusive thoughts
— Surround myself with positive people and strengthen essential relationships
— Get organized in my home, time and money management
— Listen to my gut (it\’s probably the Holy Spirit whispering to me)
— Set boundaries where needed
— Pay attention to my health and self-care

Find a quote with your word

\”Intentional living is the art of making our own choices before others\’ choices make us.\”
― Richie Norton



Write your one word with crayons, markers or paint

Did this in my planner/journal

Photo by Punta y pincel Brushlettering on Unsplash

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