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Share Four Somethings— April Installment

I\’m linking up to this month\’s Share Four Somethings Hosted monthly over at Heather\’s. The fundamental of Share Four Somethings is to provide a way for you to take a glimpse back over your monthly happenings. The categories written about include something Loved, Something Gleaned, something Braved or Saved and something Achieved. Won\’t you join me and read others\’ monthly recap at Share Four Somethings. See you there.

Let\’s Start

Something Loved

Earlier this month, at the grocery store, I got to see not one, but two acts of kindness played out before me. As I was standing in the checkout line, a few customers ahead of me was a young woman and her young son. They had purchased several groceries consisting of many heavy bags. As they headed to the door, the remaining customers in line, myself included, heard the conversation between this woman and her son. They were talking about carrying their bags as they walked home.

The gentleman who was next in line asked the woman how far they had to walk; five blocks, she said. Wow! The man was having none of that and told the young woman to go out to his car and gave a description and told her to tell his wife that her husband said to tell her they were giving them a ride home.

That\’s not all. So the cashier rang up this same gentleman, and he was a few dollars short of making his purchase and said he had to run out to his car and get some more money from his wife. Wait for it! So the gentleman BEHIND him is so touched by what he had done that he says it won\’t be necessary because HE was going to pay the difference of this man\’s purchase forward.

I can\’t even begin to tell you how touched and moved I was to see this exchange. I had tears in my eyes. And said a silent prayer for all of these strangers I do not know.

Something Gleaned

This is me.

The difference between mercy and grace? Mercy gave the prodigal son a second chance. Grace gave him a feast.
— Max Lucado

Something Braved or Saved

Amen, This Is So True
So True!!

Something Achieved

So this is new for me. I\’m so honored and excited to be the new edition to W2W Ministries. I will be the Sunday writer.


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