I\’m participating in a Bible study titled the Rock, the Road, and the Rabi—By Kathie Lee Gifford; with Rabbi Jason Sobel—. The tagline of the study guide appropriately says, \” Come to the land where it all began.\”

The Rock is Jesus—The Road is the Holy Land—and the Rabbi is the word of God.


Capernaum became Jesus\’ ministry headquarters. Remember that he was previously run out of Nazareth (Luke 4:14-33). He began his ministry at the age of thirty. Jewish men were not allowed to become rabbis or teachers until age thirty.

Why Capernaum?

It was a significant trade route located on the northwest coast of the Sea of Galilee. It makes sense that this was home base because Jesus would do much of his teaching traveling around the Galilee region. Most who came to hear him teach would follow him from place to place.

What is significant About The Sea of Galilee?

If you remember, along its shore, Jesus called his first disciples. Did you know the location he was teaching from Simon Peters boat has seven streams flowing under it?

Yes, seven strong freshwater streams. It\’s the only place on the lake with streams running under it.

It is no wonder then that both fish and fishermen are attracted to this area.


With this body of water receiving seven streams of living water beneath its surface, what a humbling place for — teacher to meet student, Rabbi to meet disciple, and God to meet mankind. Our living water indeed.

But wait, there\’s more…..

Photo by Dave Herring on Unsplash

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