The ear-splitting sound of the community fire siren went off several times today, alerting all that there was an emergency of some kind.

I spent most of my life living near fire and police stations. And as time passed, those defining sounds of warning sirens became unnoticeable at times. But not always.

Today was one of those days that got my attention. This evening I caught the sound on four different occasions. And me being me, when I do hear the sirens go off, I pray.

I have no idea who I\’m praying for or why. It\’s just something I automatically do. I\’m the same way when I hear that someone I don\’t know is sick or hurt.

I pray when I hear of those affected by natural or man-made disasters, oppression, or persecution.

Doesn\’t everybody?

Maybe, maybe not. I would say that many people do. Sometimes I\’ll offer up a prayer for someone in the world I don\’t know. I\’ll say, \” God, someone, somewhere needs a prayer. I don\’t know who they are, but you do. I\’d like to say a few words.\”

This evening I heard that emergency personnel had been called to two highway accidents and two fires. Lifefight had been called for an 11-year-old with trauma injuries.

I don\’t know them or their families. But God does!

On Behalf Of…

We can be an intercessor if you will. Whether we know the person or not. But doesn\’t God already know our and other\’s needs? Absolutely, he\’s omnipresent. But we need to invite him into our struggles.

In intercessory prayer, we allow the needs, weary loads, hardships, and obstructions; other people face to take preference over our own personal needs.

I pray on behalf of…Someone…Out there. In Jesus\’ name, Amen.

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