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Casting Your Cares

“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.”

— 1 Peter 5:7 (NIV)


There is nothing like having someone care for you. Someone to be there for you and someone to lean on. We have all kinds of life situations. Some are harder than others. But when life gets full of anxiety, we have a God that knows us. 

Thank goodness for that, especially during times when we don’t have anyone to talk to or lean on. We know that our loving Father’s arms are open wide for us to draw into and lean on him.

The Lord wants your anxiety. He doesn’t want you to carry it. Peace for you is very important to the Lord. As you rise each day, remember that as the day is teaming with busyness, God is with you.

 Whatever trouble comes, you can handle it. What you can’t manage, you know you can layout, cast, throw, give up and release to the Lord. 

You have a God that cares for you. A Father that loves you. There is nothing too hard for Him to handle in your day, your life, your family, or your past. 

Let\’s Pray:

Lord, I thank you for caring for me, and because of that care, I can give you all of my fears and anxieties. I release them today to you and trust that you can handle anything that comes. Amen.


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