I’m linking up with friends for Share Four Somethings July 2023 over @ Jennifer’s place, Overflowing With Thankfulness; each month, we share something we LovedReadLearned, and Ate

Can you believe it’s the end of July already? This month has flown by, and I’m sure it has for you too. But before we say goodbye to July, let’s take a moment to reflect on all the good things that happened this month. Let’s look forward for the new possibilities that August brings.


{Hover over photo for description}

I also Loved the launch of my new website Gracefilled Moments. You can read the story of how and why it was born HERE.


I was really moved when I read Susan’s article: Lessons from the Beach – Broken but Beautiful @ Susan’s Place Home With Grace & Joy.


I was today years old when I learned that loofahs are actually the innards of a gourd.

I was today years old when I learned…’ this little piggy went to market’ does NOT mean he went grocery shopping. {{sniff… poor piggy}}


I actually remembered to take pictures this month! {{scroll over images for description.}}

I hope you had a wonderful month filled with joy, laughter, and love. If you’re feeling reflective, I’d love to hear about some of the highlights of your July. I’m always looking for inspiration, so I’d love to hear your stories. What are you looking forward to in August? Please share them in the comments below.

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  1. That cake is absolutely gorgeous! And I had never thought about the piggy until just now. Oh how sad! LOL and my kids have done livestock shows before but I never thought about it! I guess I thought he was grocery shopping as well! Your flowers are gorgeous! Your blog is beautiful!

    1. I was saddened to learn about the piggy too.

  2. I am *hopeful* for routines in August! It seems like it has been SO long since i have been able to get into any type of routine. Your food pictures look yummy. Have great week…visiting from Share Four Somethings 🙂

    1. Hi Cindy thanks bunches for visiting. {{Hugs}} xo

  3. Oh I love those photos of flowers and the baby bird! The foods all look delicious too. I’m going to go right on believing that the little piggy did in fact go shopping and not the other “market” because that somehow makes the rhyme too sad. LOL

    1. I know, I was sad to learn about the piggy too. I’m with you he just shopping.

  4. What!?! I totally thought “the market” was piggy’s shopping adventure! Oh my….and to think of all the times I have enjoyed that rhyme with my babies!! And – I had no idea about loofahs either. Where have I been?? Goodness. Happy Monday to you!!

    1. I know, I was saddend to learn about the piggy too. I grew up with those rhymes and so did my kids. So here in my bubble, the piggy is just shopping.

  5. Great photos Paula, and Ok now my heart is broken because I thought this little piggy went to market to buy groceries all these years! Why would we sing that toa child????

    1. I hear you Donna, I was so sad to learn about the piggy too. So here in my little bubble he’s still just shopping. I once read somewhere, ages ago that our fairy tales and little sayings we grew up with started with grim beginnings. So sad. {{Hugs}}. xo

  6. Oh, I’m going to keep pretending that the little piggy is grocery shopping! All that food looks absolutely delicious. Also, such cute little baby birds and beautiful flowers.

    1. Hi Jean, I’m going to keep pretending the piggy is grocery shopping too. Lol. Thank you for stopping by for a visit.

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