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Crafting My Way Through June


I wanted to share some of the things I’ve been making so far this summer with all of you.

The above photo is a patriotic sock gnome. Made with, you guessed it, a sock. He’s stuffed with Poly-Pellets Weighted Stuffing Beads and faux fur. For the nose, I took a small amount of sock and beads and used a rubber band twisted around. For his “hat,” I used half a small styrofoam circle and cut small pieces of patriotic flowers and blingy embellishments.

Mushroom Gnome

This little guy is made with Dollar Tree ceramic mushrooms, sitting on a wood round (Dollar Tree). He’s nestled in reindeer moss with tiny mushroom embellishments (both from Amazon). His nose is a medium wooden bead (Amazon). Faux fur (Amazon) and a little reindeer moss and small mushroom complete his hat.

Patrotic Rag Ornament 

I used a Mason jar ring and did a loop and pull-through with cut-up patriotic fabric from Walmart. The ribbon and small styrofoam balls came from Dollar Tree. Ending with a jute string hangy.

A “Round Tuit” Refrigerator Magnet

Okay, so maybe someday I’ll get “around to it.” I painted a smooth wood round (Amazon) and used my Cricut  with self-adhesive vinyl to cut the word “Tuit.” The flower and ladybug are buttons from Walmart, and the ribbon and mesh tubing I used to make a messy bow came from Dollar Tree. 

Pizza Pan Sign

Making pizza pan (and charger plate) door hangers is one of my favorites. I painted a Dollar Tree pizza pan, added jute string, and cut a 12-inch circle out of a placemat, also Dollar Tree. I used my Cricut to cut the vinyl (Amazon) words. I topped it off with a lemon pick from Joanne’s and a messy bow (ribbon from Sam’s Club). NOTE TO SELF: Hot glue will melt and make the jute hanger and placemat fall off if you hang it on a metal front door. 

Hello Summer Pizza Pan Door Hangy

Same as above. I used a Dollar Tree pizza pan and my Cricut to cut out the self-adhesive vinyl (Amazon) word, stars, and watermelon. I made a felt flower to go in the messy bow (the ribbon came from Sam’s Club 7 Dollar Tree). The same thing happened here, I had this on my door, and the thick jute string I made with hot glue melted, and I came home to a fallen sign. I think I’ll try using magnets on the next ones I make.

See You Next Time Friends!!

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