Happy Friday, Friends!! I hope you all had a great week. I had to break out my winter jacket this week, sigh…

So This Week

— I have to start off by telling you about my potato salad sadness. So I went to the store, a cute mom-and-pop store, you know, the ones. They make great homemade foodstuffs. I love their potato salad and ordered some. They were out at the deli, so the lady had to go into the walk-in refrigerator and get some. To my dismay, she brought out premade potato salad that came in a big carton. My heart sank as I realized that they did not make their own homemade potato salad, and I wondered what else I was being fooled by. Really, they do make a variety of homemade goods, as you can watch them making things behind the deli/bakery. 

—I very rarely treat myself, but on occasion, I do. I got a pair of new sneakers that I desperately needed. And a new purse, mine was getting kind of ratty. I love big “kitchen sink” purses, as I like to call them, with multiple inside pockets.

— This is miss thing watching me eat. After she already had her OWN Mc Nuggets. subtlety is not her strong suit. This was too cute not to share with you.

— I had to pull over and stop to take a picture of these beautiful autumn trees. 

Wishing You All A Great Week Ahead, Friends!

Won’t you come join us over at Susanne’s place at Living To Tell The Story to see what everyone’s favorite part of their week was?

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  1. Well hopefully the potato salad still tasted good lol. Yes your dog is cute 🙂 I'm on my second pair of Skechers and I love them. So comfortable. Have a good weekend.

  2. Yikes…a winter coat already??? Here in eastern NY i've been able to just wear a thick sweater to work since we have had a GLORIOUS Autumn so far. Warm, hardly any rain but just enough to make up for the very very dry spring and summer we had….and the colors are just stunning this year. I LOVE autumn.

    How disappointing that the potato salad was mass produced. (was trying to figure out the blessing in that paragraph…..hahaha…maybe that at least you DID get some potato salad?!)
    I always love getting a new purse!! been awhile since i've treated my self to one!

    Happy weekend!!

  3. "Kitchen sink purses." I love it! I had what I'd call a "kitchen sink" purse a number of years ago and absolutely loved it!

  4. That's too bad about the potato salad. Nice shoes and purse. I like roomy purses with a lot of pockets, too, but smaller than a tote bag. Funny about your doggy not-so-subtly watching you eat. We've had some beautiful color here, too. Sometimes when I am driving, it's hard to keep my eyes on the road because I am trying to take in the beauitful trees.

  5. I have taken SO MANY photos of the trees this week. They are just too beautiful to not stop and appreciate them. (check back tomorrow [hopefully] for some autumn tree pictures on my blog)
    I love that photo of your dog. She looks like one of our grand-dogs who also will just sit there are gaze sadly at you while you eat, hoping for a dropped goodie.
    Yay for the shoes and purse!
    Enjoy another beautiful week!

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