What is it about our porches that are so welcoming? That’s just it; for most of us, it says welcome.

It’s where we sit on a warm summer morning to be still, in the quiet. We can have our morning coffee or tea, read or watch the day awaken. It can be our solstice before our day gets off and running.

The porch is where we sit on those hot summer nights or warm autumn evenings. Where we might have iced tea, lemon aid, or another drink of choice.

Again we can be still. We can watch the sunset and wildlife that may happen on by.

However, most of all, we can talk. We can invite friends, family, or neighbors to join us for a drink and conversation.

We live in a chaotic world; some of our days are hustle and bustle. It’s hard to just take a calming breath sometimes. Some days we don’t know if we’re coming or going. Sometimes it is hard to just be still. You think you just don’t have enough time to sit on the porch and just be.

Take some time and thought. Figure out how you can be still, and have at times memory-making conversations with friends, family, or neighbors.

Welcome to the porch, my friend!

Photo by Robin Jonathan Deutsch on Unsplash

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