When a Samaritan woman came to draw water, Jesus said to her, \”Will you give me a drink?\”

— John 4:7 NIV

The noonday sun was scorching. Jesus has been traveling for hours by then, and He\’s tired. And tired as he was from the journey settles down by the well and stays there for a while. 

He was purposeful about choosing this spot to rest. He was waiting for someone. 

Soon he saw her coming, an unnamed Samaritan woman. She reminds me of a Samantha, though— I\’ll call her Sam for short. Jesus asked her for a drink of water; this surprised her. She was thinking that most Jews looked down on her. The kind man begins a conversation with her. 

This was refreshing to hear. During the conversation, she confesses that she doesn\’t have a husband; she braces herself and waits for rejection. Again.

This time it was different. The rejection never comes.

Who is this kind man, she thought? She had never met someone this kindhearted. He\’s shown her only grace.

As they continue to talk, she tells this kind man that she knows the Messiah is coming. Wait for it, then Jesus declares, \”I, the one speaking to you—I am he.\” (John 4:26)

Imagine her surprise. Okay, I bet she was shocked! Of all the people He could have revealed His true identity to, Jesus chose HER! Of all the things that Jesus could have been doing, He made time for a conversation with a lonely samaritan woman. 

So \”Sam\” is so filled with joy she goes running back to town, excitedly telling everyone to come see the man who told her everything she ever did. The Massiah! The townspeople came out and believed. Do you think Sam was an outcast any longer? No, how could she be now?

Just like in Sam\’s situation, maybe being a disciple of Christ means that sometimes we have to put down the to-do list and serve those in front of us. 

Maybe that means pausing your grocery shopping long enough to offer to help someone. Perhaps it looks like taking a homemade meal to a sick friend or neighbor. It could also mean stopping to listen to your pre-teen share about her day, even though there\’s a pile of dishes waiting in the sink, cleaning to be done, and dinner to be made.

Father, help me be attentive to loving and serving those around me. I confess at times; I get absorbed in my lists and things to be done. Please help me to be attentive and recognize if you place someone in my path this week that I could slow down and love on. In Jesus\’ name, Amen.

Photo by Charly Darque on Unsplash

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  1. Paula,
    Beautiful. This is one of my favorites. I love the personalization you brought to Sam and how it relates in a practical manner for our lives. This has been a theme for me this week – putting away my to do to be attentive to my family.

  2. Paula, love your take on this story! I think we have all been in a place where we feared rejection, even from God, yet the love of Christ never seeks to condemn. Thank you for this encouragement today!

    1. Your so welcome Donna, I am so encouraged by this exchange between Jesus and the Samaritian woman.

  3. Hi Paula, visiting from grace and truth linkup, yes I think you are so right, that we need to be aware of opportunities as we live life, not an item to be ticked off, but as a service to others to lead them to our Saviour, a service to ourselves as we do what Christ called us to do, and as a servant to the Lord in all things.
    Great post
    God bless

    1. Thank you so much Tracy. Amen to what you’ve said. Thank you bunches for stopping by.

  4. I pray this alongside you, Paula: “Please help me to be attentive and recognize if you place someone in my path this week that I could slow down and love on.” And since my husband is about to come home from work, I’ll assume he’s that person I need to slow down and love on tonight. 🙂

  5. An encouraging reminder, Paula, that He seeks us out to love on us. And I agree with your prayer, that He would help us be sensitive to His Spirit and those around us that others might know His love through us.

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