In continuing my One Word— Intentional journey, I decided to be intentional with my planning. Now mind you, I\’m not much of a planner, you know, I write down what I need on my wall calendar.

So this year, since I love to journal, I decided to do something different. I decided to be intentional about planning through my year.

I searched several customizable personal planner websites. The company I decided to go with is Personal Planner. I chose to go with this company because it fit best within my budget.

Let me take you for a walk through my planner.

My chosen cover design


Inside Cover


Weekly Pages


I got to choose extra pages that were included in the price at no extra charge. Every day gratitude page. There are many page options to choose from.


One line a day journal


Budget pages


Dotted pages


Phone number and address pages


Year at a glance


Make a list pages


Two sticker sheets


Then I purchased these extra stickers from Amazon


Thank you for taking my planner tour with me friends.

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  1. I think it’s great that you were able to customize your own planner, Paula! I like the everyday gratitude page and one-line-a-day journal ideas. Thanks for sharing your intentional planner with us!

  2. This is fine! Your name in it and all, Paula! Using this planner would be a great way to pursue God’s course for ‘being intentional.’ I like it and appreciate you sharing the design as well as the link to the company.
    May your day be intentional and so blessed.

  3. I think it is wise to have some sort of a planner. My daughter finds a written planner such as yours most helpful. I find using the calendar on my laptop to be the best method for me. It really comes down to whatever helps us to make the best use of our time. Yours looks wonderful!

    1. I agree. I’m not much of a planner person, just the calendar as well. But this year I decided to be Intentional about using one.

  4. What a lovely journal! I used to keep a paper planner and I loved it. I’ve since just use a digital calendar, but I do miss pen and paper sometimes, especially when I see posts like this. 🙂 I love how you’re using your word in such creative ways, Paula.

  5. Planners are so helpful for keeping organized and accomplishing goals! Thanks for sharing about yours! 🙂

  6. It’s such a nice planner. I love the stickers. I don’t have enough going on in my life to need a planner, but I do have a desk top calender I use and of course my cell phone.

    1. I really don’t have enough going on in my life either, I decided to give it a try. Lol.

  7. Thanks for sharing your 2022 planner with us, Paula. I have heard of the one-line-a-day thing but have never done it … how do you like it so far?

    1. So far so good Lois. This is my first time doing one line a day.

  8. Cute planner stickers! I really love the cover you chose.

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