This post was originally published on October 22, 2021 and is part of the Five Minute Friday blog link-up. Where I join up with a community of writers and bloggers of all ages and stages who gather around a single word prompt to free-write, unscripted, unedited, for five minutes. This weeks word prompt is {STILL}

I\’ve always been one for observations, especially the seasons. There\’s always time to be still and notice the change.

On one particular winter evening last year, I was talking my dog to the potty. We had walked down our sidewalk to meet the street side sidewalk.

It had been snowing, but it wasn\’t until we had come to the street light that it stopped me in my tracks. I stood there in awe, and stillness overtook me.

There before my eyes illuminated by the streetlight, I was captivated by the sight. Snow fell in big fluffy flakes like petals, dancing, gently landing on the ground. Stillness overtook me.

Stillness overtook me. The trees had a blanket of white on nearly every branch—patches of brown peeking out. My dog sneezed as fluffy flakes landed on her nose.

What struck me most was the sound. Nothing, serene, even soft and smooth, if you will. There were no neighborhood sounds, no traffic, nor nearby highway sounds.

Stillness, and it overtook me. It drew me to contemplate and muse in awe of our great creator God the father.

Photo by Timur Romanov on Unsplash

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