If something is broken, we throw it away. If we don\’t need something any longer or it\’s damaged, we throw it away.

What about people? In past generations and even today (to some extent), people were ( and can be today) stigmatized. The broken were despised, the disabled, the diseased, the mentally ill and insane, vagabonds, the undesirable who did not meet specific standards or live up to the age of society revered.

However, the world is full of broken people with crushed hearts, crushed spirits, grief, loss, sorrow, and failures. Sometimes brokenness can cause us to come closer to God, to seek him out.

Psalm 34:18 says, \”The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.\” (NIV) God can take broken people and make them into someone better that he can use for his glory. God promises to \”be close to the brokenhearted,\” to be a source of power, courage, and wisdom, helping us through our problems.

Friend, broken crayons still color, God can use us in our brokenness for his good. Even if we can\’t see it.

(This writing inspired by: Matthew West- Broken Things)

Photo by Daniel Watson on Unsplash

* This post was originally published on September 3, 2020

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