Greetings dear friends and readers of Simply Coffee & Jesus.

Thank You in advance. For what you ask? For hanging in there with me as Jesus, and I rebuild Simply Coffee & Jesus.

What Happened?

My website as we knew it went belly—up, kaput, bye-bye broken. While WordPress help guides gave several options for fixing— which I tried, I ended up accidentally deleting the whole site while trying the suggested fixes.

My site was gone, and I was broken-hearted, saddened, and truthfully friends—was horrified!

After I got over an anxiety attack, complete with rapid heartbeat and ugly crying, I cried out to God; I prayed and prayed some more. Over 200+ posts sharing and glorifying God are gone.


We— Jesus and I are in the process of rebuilding the site. I\’m slowly adding the 200+ posts from oldest to newest, with the original publication date as a note at the bottom of the posts. New content is always be added as well. I\’m still praying.

While I did choose a new theme, I\’m still browsing and adding what I recall from my previous sidebar and footer.

Suppose you follow me on WordPress that is why you are seeing an influx of posts in the reader from me daily. I am adding the posts back in groups of at least ten.

If you follow me on WordPress, please check to see that you are. Because of starting from scratch, I don\’t see any followers from my end as I did in the past. I would be so blessed for the refollow and new follows.

If anyone followed my posts by email, I would be so blessed if you would sign up again. New readers are always welcome.

I haven\’t gotten the quarterly newsletter in place yet, but it will come along soon.

Sit tight with me

As I continue to add the original posts back, Jesus is pressing upon my heart to be intentional and pausing to reflect on those posts, causing me to make any edits, changes, or additional information.

He is pressing upon my heart to see if there is any more I can learn from what he touched me to write—convicting me to dig deeper.

This is one task that, while frustrating and exhaustive, is invoking me to be intentional and pausing to reflect in the unfolding of Simply Coffee & Jesus (2.0).

Thank you again, friends, for hanging in here with me. Blessings to you all.

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  1. O Paula, my heart is breaking for you. I think this is a true bloggers nightmare. I cannot imagine what you are feeling right now. I recently lost about 12 posts that had to be recreated and I had a total meltdown, lose my website and start over….I don’t know that I would. Praying for you my dear, sweet friend. Trusting Jesus will guide you to building an even more beautiful site.

    1. Thank you for your kind words Donna. Yes, meltdown is an understatement here, ugly cry fest too. He sure is guiding me. I’m being “Intentional” about reviewing older posts and seeing if there’s anything else he wants me to learn about and add to the posts before I republish. Thank you for you friendship and support. Blessings.

  2. I am so sad to hear of the loss of your website, Paula! I’m sending you a big virtual hug!
    It is beautiful to hear how the Lord is leading you as you intentionally reflect upon each post, dig deeper and add additional information. It sounds like intentional growth – building block by building block or post by post. May you know the Lord’s grace day-by-day as you walk through each post together.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and support Lisa. Building block by building block indeed. He and I are indeed walking through the posts together. Blessings.

  3. Oh Paula, I am so sorry. I would not even now where to start if that were to happen. I pray the Lord will be your help and show you exactly how to rebuild your site – for His glory and for the encouragement of many!

    1. Thank you so much, Joanne, It’s definitely taking time. As I’m going back through my writing he is nudging me to pause and reflect upon what “we” have written and to see if there is anything more I can learn and add to posts. I did have an ugly cry, meltdown though. Thank you for your support. Blessings to you.

  4. So sorry to hear that you lost everything on your site. That must have been so hard. But so great that you’ve been able to intentionally fix it back up again, even if it is going to take time. God will use even this.

  5. Oh, Paula, I cannot imagine that angst at first. I use WordPress and would not have a clue. Did you save all of your posts on a backup and that is how you are able to re-add them? I am so very sorry, and will be lifting you in pray. God is so merciful and has enable you to start fresh with your fine posts somewhere in order to add them back.

    1. Linda, oh I was an ugly cry meltdown blubbering mess. I had my posts saved in Google Docs and on Grammarly so that’s how I’m able to add them back. I’m going to redo some of the earlier posts from when I first started writing, and pausing to see if Jesus has any more lessons for me to learn from and add to some of those early ones. I’m almost done adding. Jesus has something for me to learn in this.

  6. Oh, I’m so very sorry you lost your content! I really hope you’re able to rebuild your site. This being said, I applaud you for taking this in your stride and looking at it as an opportunity to be extra intentional with your blog!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Astrid. I’m almost done with the finishing touches.

  7. Oh, Paula. I can get panicky just reading about your site getting messed up! I’ve had troubles on my blog multiple times and each time, I handle it poorly. ha. It really stresses me. Which indicates that I am too attached and need to RELEASE (my word!). It all works out in the end though. I’m glad you are able to get your site functional again and add back in your posts with intentionality!

  8. Oh, I am so sorry! How frustrating. My oldest son showed my how to save all my posts a long time ago, but I have forgotten how. I need to do it again.

    1. It really was frustrating, you should have seen my ugly cry meltdown. I had all my posts saved in Word.

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