Love and faithfulness meet together;
    righteousness and peace kiss each other.

Psalm 85:10 NIV

I came across this verse in my daily Bible reading. It stopped me in my tracks, it captivated me to pause and reflect. I was so enthralled I had to dig deeper and search for more meaning of this beautifully powerful verse.

Let\’s think about reverence for one (quick) moment. Reverence leads to forgiveness, restoring our Love and Joy for God.

The psalmists who wrote Psalm 85, cry out for Gods intervention. This Psalm shows us that the greater the presence of righteousness [obedience to God], the clearer Gods blessings become.

Along with our verse today; the more we seek Gods kingdom and his righteousness like Jesus said in Matthew 6:25-33 the more we will see things in our life being taking care of by God.

Psalm 85:10 is an incredible verse about righteousness and peace. Here mercy and truth meet and righteousness and peace kissed.

Got Questions describes this verse as \” A kiss was a common form of greeting in ancient times, and still is in some cultures. The word picture painted in Psalm 85:10 is one of two friends greeting each other as if they had been separated a long time. Righteousness and peace have been estranged, but now they are friends again. The righteousness of God was opposed to peace on earth, as long as Israel remained in a sinful, unrepentant state. But now they are united, and the result is joy, a friendly embrace, and delightful harmony.\”

Jesus is the essence of mercy and truth, and is the living representation of righteousness and peace.

Without Jesus we have no righteousness or peace. But, through him we can delight in peace. He has presented this gift to us so that we can have spiritual peace with God and in life.

Photo by Weiqi Xiong on Unsplash

*This post was originally published on March 7, 2021

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