Your Dictionary says that to recuperate means; to get better after an illness, to recover after exertion, or to get back something that was lost. The verb is, To return to health or strength recover. Another verb is, To get back, or recover (losses, health, etc.)

Being a person who has several chronic illnesses (Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, Degenerative Joint disease) Just to name a few. I have to recuperate a lot.

There\’s a lot I want to do, activities, travel but my body is like, nope! Sure I go shopping and visit friends but it\’s limited. Thank goodness for Wal-Mart grocery pick up, it is a life saver, but I digress there.

A day out shopping and having dinner with a friend will put me down for days recuperating from the event. And, not in a good way like putting my feet up and having iced tea on the porch on a sunny day way.

Oh how I dearly enjoy spending time with people, going shopping and going out to eat with friends. However, my body is like \” I\’m going to get you\”.

So get me it does. The next several days of recuperating consists of tears, widespread body pain from head to toe, mobility issues, muscle spasms, and I\’m so very tired please accept my apologies if I nod off while talking to you, I don\’t mean to.

Jesus needed rest and so do we.

Jesus went away many times on his own to pray. He left everyone, and went to be alone with God. Mark 6:31-32 tells us that after John the Baptist death, Jesus told the disciples to withdraw to a desolate place and rest. In Matthew 11: 28-30 he tells all who are weary and burdened to come and he will give them rest, to take his yolk and learn from him and we will find rest for our souls.

In Mark 4:38 Jesus knew his body needed rest, and he was sleeping on a cushion during a storm. His disciples frantically woke him in fear, but have no fear he calmed the storm. Jesus modeled recuperation for us in many forms. He sat down and ate with many as well.

While eating with others he was resting and enjoying company. From Zacchaeus, Mary, Martha and Lazarus to Levi whom he called, sinners, tax collectors and so forth. And to think of the fellowship and lessons learned with Jesus at the table.

Photo by Doug Kelley on Unsplash

*This Post was originally published February 21, 2021 for the #write28Days Challenge

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