Enthusiasm: \”The word enthusiasm is derived from two little Greek words, en and theos, with theos being the Greek word for God. So \”enthusiasm\” literally means, in its root concept, \”full of God.\” Maybe that’s why enthusiastic people are so often creative and joyful!\” An article for more explanation can be found here from Guide Post.

Also, according to the character Journal. \” Enthusiasm is a word derived from the Greek, meaning “to have God inside”. Because God is a God of power and energy, the term is often associated with fervor and zeal. You can read that article Here.

It\’s how we feel when we are excited or energized. We often feel positive about something, weather completing a goal or task, or receiving an unexpected visit, call or gift from someone.

So since we feel excited or energized, our breathing and heart rate increase. Sometimes it causes us to move. Examples? Okay, what I mean is you\’re proudly sitting in the audience of your kids pageant play and when it\’s over you are going to clap, and maybe even whistle because he or she has done a good job.


You\’re sitting in church, and the worship singers start to sing, your church may have the words projected on a screen of some sort. You start to sing, you hear the worship team singing and those around you. What do you do? Well I know for me, I feel enthusiastic to praise God, I sing, clap and okay, I sway too. It\’s that eagerness, fervor and zeal we feel for Christ, our families, and things he has led us to accomplish, complete, receive, or bless us with.

Enthusiasm is an outward action from what has excited us on the inside. Also, in most cases it\’s contagious so others around you will catch your enthusiasm.

1 corinthians 3:16

2 corinthians 2:14

Ephesians 5:18

John 7:37-39

Photo by Alysa Bajenaru on Unsplash

This post was originally published on February 2, 2021 for the #Write28Days challenge

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