It was 5:30 in the morning still dark, where she lived in Colorado. Haylee enjoyed her early morning walks. This morning was frigid as the wind whipped a cold 19 degrees. She was chilled to the bone, but the coffee she had before she left the house helped energize her.

Once Haylee picked up her pace, she didn\’t mind the cold so much because her usual walking route came around to her sweet reward. She had her ear buds in listening to praise and worship music. She loved listening to contemporary worship music because it was uplifting to energize her heart, soul, mind and body.

Haylee turned off of the street lit sidewalk now,  and turned on her flashlight. Entering a familiar wooded trail. There was nothing especially spectacular about this part of the trail. It was the usual bare trees looking gaunt, and fallen fauna crunching and at times wet under her feet. On the plus side the trail did not have any icy patches today. Oh how she wanted to stop and take her thermos out of her backpack and have some hot coffee. But she just couldn\’t stop now.

She continued walking, she could see her breath with each exhale. She began to feel excited because she knew she wasn\’t far from reaching her sweet reward. She navigated gingerly around the rocky bend. Taking her ear buds out now as she entered the clearing.

Just in time for the sunrise, dancing upon God\’s great and mighty mountains. With colors spanning the spectrum. Haylee loved marveling in his sight. Her sweet reward. Her heart danced with joy. Because God\’s creation was uplifting to energize her heart, mind, soul and body.

Now, Haylee found a log to sit on and opened her backpack. She took out a blanket to wrap up in and sit on, and her thermos, and poured herself a cup of coffee to energize.

All the while marveling at the great I Am\’s creation.

Photo by Jonas Jacobsson on Unsplash

*This post was originally posted on February 9, 2021 for the #Write28Days Challenge

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