In his book, What If Jesus Was Serious? Author Skye Jethani truly presents an easy-to-read and understand exploration of the Sermon on the Mount, the Beatitudes. Skye looks at each beatitude and begins with an easy-to-understand graphic. He incorporates humor along with his practical and knowledgeable study. In addition, he includes self-reflection questions and additional Bible verses for the reader to dig deeper into the Word of God. I found myself talking out loud and giggling at times. 

Both new followers of Christ and those who have been followers for a long time will benefit from Skyes easy-to-understand writing style. I sure did, I also found myself with a better understanding of the meanings of the in-depth explanations Skye presents of the beatitudes.

In the beginning, Skye presents the Question What if Jesus Was Serious? He says” Did he actually intend for us to do what he taught in his sermon? Are we really to love our enemies not worry, and live without judgment? So many Christians today celebrate Jesus as “Lord” and “Savior”, but then dismiss what he taught as impractical- or even impossible.” He concludes that Jesus is serious. He says: “ imagine how your life would be different if you took him at his word. And imagine how our world would be different if those who claimed to follow Jesus actually did.”

“ Too often, we forget that our God doesn’t merely deliver us from something. He delivers us to something.” Skye Jethani 

{I received a copy of this book from Moody Publishers for an honest review.}

This post was originally published om December 8, 2020

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  1. Our Lord Jesus was always serious about what he had said. He didn’t sermon us. He just told us to do the proper way of living. He does not intend to follow him, but instead, he says to be a good person and keep loving each other.

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