How many spoons do you get a day? Huh? Spoons you say? Well, let me tell you a little about spoons. They’re not just for eating with anymore.

 I’m A Spoonie

First, let me give you the rundown skinny on spoon theory.  The term spoon theory is a metaphor used to describe the amount of mental and physical energy a person (who usually has some form of chronic illness) (in my case fibromyalgia, chronic pain) has available to complete daily tasks and activities of daily living.

 Spoon theory is a way to describe to people the idea of limited energy as a unit of energy. It’s hard for those of us with chronic illness to describe to others how we feel, how difficult it is to get through daily living activities, or even getting out.

 Gather some spoons from your kitchen— I don’t know how many you grabbed. But here goes. Remember, everyone with chronic illness is different and may process their day differently.

 Take away 1 spoon for each of the following activities.

  1. Getting out of bed, walking to the kitchen, and getting coffee

  2. Get dressed

  3. Take my dog outside ( I’m so tired (rest)

  4. Any cleaning I decide to do (could be one thing)(rest)

  5. Get in the car and drive to my friend’s house

  6. Visit with a friend

 I’m completely done, for now, the pain is too great. Moreover, my spoons are almost gone. And I still haven’t eaten dinner, or got a shower yet? Maybe I won’t get one today. Thank goodness for Wal-Mart grocery pickup. It’s a toss-up if I will write or blog today. And, I do my Bible studies, immerse myself in His Word, and be still in God’s presence throughout the day.

 I call them my “tireds” fatigue comes on suddenly or can last all day— I feel like I could drop over at any minute. I have to sit down, and at least lay my head back for a bit. Or take a nap— Oh I enjoy naps. Chronic pain is always there in varying intensities. Some days are so tearful.

I may even nod off sitting talking to you when one of my “tireds” comes on. Please understand I’m really not being rude. I may have to cancel the plans I made with you, but we’ll plan again and make them up.

My daily spoons vary. At times I don’t have enough. Everything I do costs me a spoon. Even the smallest of tasks or fun.

 Can I have more spoons?

 Christine Miserandino developed the spoon theory. You can learn more about spoon theory here

Photo by Anna Kumpan on Unsplash

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