Distractions have and always will draw us away from something. Who knows it could be doing a task like a chore or your job, or just taking a nap. Many times just life, and getting caught up in it, feeling like we\’re on overdrive, overwhelmed, and running on empty. You feel rushed just to get through your day. You know the feeling, I do too. By the time our day draws to a close, we say to ourselves,\” where did the day go\”. I’ve said it, quite often.

What Distractions?

So many distractions, some include: Worry, envy, pride, technology, money, relationships, toxic people, cell phones, TV, social media, media, running from here to there, loud noises in the home such as from your families TV shows, music, kid’s gaming. And many more.

Some distractions can be out of our control like environmental factors, unhealthy family dynamics, mental and physical health problems. Sometimes we may become overwhelmed and let these things rule over our lives. But, these are not out of God’s control.

But what about when they draw us away from God?

 In today\’s age, It is easy to become distracted from God. When we allow other things in life to distract and overtake our lives, sometimes those things begin to become bigger to us than God, and we find ourselves drifting away from Him.

 I find that I need to be in a constant state of awareness to stop, practice the pause, breathe, and regroup. Letting God set my reset. During times of distraction, I find that what helps me bring my mind back to God is focusing on his promises, blessings, going to him in prayer, and meditating on his word. 

This reminds me of Mary and Martha. Jesus said, \” Martha, Martha,\” the Lord answered, \” you are worried and upset about many things, but few things needed- or indeed only one. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her,\”

Luke 10:41-42 NIV

Maybe this is you and me, maybe not. Maybe you know a friend or family member struggling with distractions in their lives, they may need your help and prayer to stop, practice the pause and regroup to bring them back to the here and now, to reach out to God in their own prayer and focus on his word.

Photo by Aramudi on Unsplash

Originally Published October 17, 2020

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